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These awards attest to innovative design, technical proficiency and the core role of quality as a Company-driver in projects through to $5m. Trinder values open, participative customer relationships as a basis for expanding expectations and effective progress reporting. It works closely with suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure primacy of customer needs, and remains very proud of its performance history. For those contemplating an innovative construction or renovation project which falls beyond the norm, Tinder Alpine is a team you really should consider. If the project is one very dear to your heart you’d likely regret not including Tinder in your review of potential contenders.

Our awards


Cabramurra 2008 Winner for Best commercial refurbishment project 

Cabramurra Bar and Mess 2013 Winner for Best commercail fitout/ Refurbishiment  between $1 million - $3 million 

Commercial construction awards

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